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BCMS Library Media Center


If you would like information about what is going on in the library at BCMS, sign up for Mrs. Compton's Remind ap.  She will post updates on the arrival of new books, new activiites/displays, as well as information about the reading challenges and book fairs.


 To sign up, simply send the text @88eb88 to the number 81010.


KBA Master List for 2019-2020 for grades 6-8 with brief overviews. 



3rd Nine Weeks Reading Challenge

Read 2 Novels looking for examples of these Literary Elements. Submit an index card for each book with  Your name, LA teacher name, Name of Element(s), example found, Title, Author, Page number & Paragraph where found.

  • Figurative Language (simile/metaphor)

  • Personification (flowers dancing)

  • Hyperbole (purse weighs a ton)

  • Imagery (room is dark and gloomy)

  • Alliteration (Peter Piper picked pickles)

  • Irony (thanks for breaking my phone)

  • Foreshadowing (hint of what’s coming) 

Read 2 Science & 2 Social Studies Books --Informational Text & content review:

a flashback question related to a topic  previously covered in class for each book.  Write the question & answer on an index card and include the Title, Author and call number of the book along with your name and subject area teacher’s name.   

Read 1 Current event article

Submit an index card that discusses how this article/event affects you and/or your community (index card must be full) include your name and CCR teacher’s name on card. 

Student Choice--
choose 3 books of your choice to complete the challenge!


Log the books in the online google form and

Turn in your card with the 7 completed index cards by the end of the challenge. March 17, 2020





2nd Nine Weeks Reading Challenge

Read 10 books of your choice! 
(limited to only 2 graphic novels)
books over 300 pages count as 2 books


Create an infographic that describes how at least 3 of your books are related.  A good place to start is with a book that you have read before and really liked.  You may use canva, google slides, docs, etc or make a handmade visual/model. It should include: 

  • The book cover of all books included.

  • A brief description of each book that would intrigue someone to read it and possible quotes or praise  from noteable agencies/authors.

  • Clearly labled with the common theme/topic/connection shared by the books.

  • Log the books in the online google form and
  • Turn in this card by the end of the challenge. January 7, 2020



1st Nine Weeks Reading Challenge

  • Read 10 books from 5 different genres.
  • Log the books in the online google form and
  • Create a Flipgrid for one of the books you have read during the challenge. Provide a brief description of the book without giving away any major details. Also include the genre and what you liked about it or why someone should read the book. Use Flip Code dc1e8b60
  • Be sure to turn your card in before leaving for Fall Break!



2019 Summer Reading Challenge

Read 3 books this summer. One of those books must be a Ky Bluegrass Award book from the 2019-2020 list above.